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Premium & Daily Maintenance Starter Kit

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NEW Sonic-wave LED Toothbrush.
Deep Clean Teeth Whitening Daily Foam.
Light Activated Teeth Whitening Starter Kit.

  • A dual action whitening foam and a maintenance product which
    penetrates deep to remove stains.
  • Oxygen infused foaming bubbles released on brushing.
  • LED toothbrush with 2 LED lights acts as a catalyst to whiten teeth.
  • Unique silicone brush head resistant to bacterial build up.
  • Sonic wave gently massages the gum line.
  • The vibrational waves breaks up and removes plaque.
  • Prevents tartar build up and cavities.
  • Silicone bristles inhibit over brushing , preventing gum recession.

A Free Tooth Whitening Maintenance Pen.

Hey White Optical LED Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

A patent pending innovation. A toothbrush which has 2 LED lights for teeth whitening, soft silicone bristles which are bacterial resistant and pulsating micro vibrations which cause heat friction that helps whiten and also loosens away plaque, preventing tartar whilst gently massaging the gum line. The silicone bristles cleans the teeth effectively without over brushing, preventing gum recession and enamel wear.

Highly recommended and perfect companion with our WhitenGo Deep Clean Foam.

Light Activated Teeth Whitening Starter Kit

  • A powerful two part teeth whitening formulation.
  • Pre-stain accelerant works similarly to a detergent.
  • A whitening gel which combines and works in tandem similarly to a bleaching agent.
  • Light activated teeth whitening kit featuring our 5 cool blue LED light system. A frequency of light emitting LED's which act as a catalyst to promote the effective release of oxygen molecules which remove stains and lighten the tooth shade.

Deep Clean Teeth Whitening Foam

Heat activated dental foam that whitens with its patented Oxygen Infused System which is similar to an advanced detergent, whereas most toothpastes use thickening agents, our liquid foam with oxygen penetrates within the tooth where stains are present, therefore the bleaching process is immediate and effective.

The WhitenGo formulation has been exclusively developed to clean enamel and allow whitening, there is no need to perform these two steps separately as with other types of foams where both a cleaning foam and whitening foam are brushed on individually. Both of these processes are done together and only thing you need is a toothbrush.


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